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Munny doll 2

I made this Munny doll for an exhibit this week at Tomodachi. His name is Ratso. Learning from my previous Munny doll, I decided to paint this one.

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Illo Minn: Volume 3 Moleskine

Front of my Moleskine for CVA’s Illo Minn: Volume 3 exhibit opening this Thursday.

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Pink dog

Another spread from my Art House Co-op sketchbook, gouache and ink. This is my first tentative step back into gouache, first in the last twenty or so years. Not really much of a gouache piece, just a painted shape with inked line. But as I said, a tentative step. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ll [...]

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Hot 1

Another spread from my Art House Co-op sketchbook. This is John Pettit (Robin Philips) from the 1966 Avengers episode, “A Sense of History.” The lettering, “Hot 1″ was added because I happened to be listening to this.

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I’m filling up an Art House Co-op sketchbook with drawings and whatnot, need to send it out this next week. The sketchbook will be exhibited at their Brooklyn Art Library. I was assigned the theme, “Trading forever.” Here is one of the spreads, more to come.

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So I’ve worked through my cycling angst and have moved on to a new friendlier illustration for the Local/Euro exhibit. Here is the process so far, still some things to resolve like the mustache, the background, and some additional line work here and there. But I’m hoping to begin printing this tomorrow. The idea for [...]

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