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Macklemore drawing

I made this drawing of Macklemore last night after watching a little bit of the MTV VMAs with my daughter. In Photoshop, I used the Threshold command to force all of the pixels to either black or white. I then added a medium gray background tone. Hiding the other layers and temporarily flattening the image, I [...]

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Inflammation technique & process

This image was commissioned for a magazine article about inflammation. The idea for the piece was a pattern of abstracted cell shapes surrounding a helpless floating figure that also contained some of these cell shapes. I sketched out a couple of options for the client to choose from. The first was a hand rather than [...]

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Pug dog

Above is an illustration I made recently for a story about a pug dog. In the story, she approached a worker out of curiosity. Below is a breakdown of the image layers.

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An Wang portrait

A couple of weeks ago, I was commissioned to do a portrait of An Wang, co-founder of Wang Laboratories and creator (along with Way Dong Woo) of the pulse transfer controlling device in 1949.

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The previous dentist chair sketch was ink work for this illustration, an assignment from the Washington Post for an illustration to accompany an editorial about defunding the United States Institute of Peace. Below are the thumbnails. This was a quick deadline, one day for sketches, two days for art. I started out with a peace [...]

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Well the Kickstarter funding fell short, but still planning on printing this, just at a more modest scale. Still have a bit more work to do. The “live strong” bracelet is an option along with the watch, may change the word “strong” with “wrong,” plan also to add some tattoos and more line work over [...]

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