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Black heart drip

This sprang from another Noun Project icon. They are only interested in black and white line art, iconic, and not too illustrative, so my cat was rejected.

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Lueby Lue would like a smidgeon of milk, and maybe go outside and chase the squirrels. I’ve been introduced to The Noun Project and am not quite sure how I feel about it, but this is my first submission, free art?

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I did a quick assignment for the Wall Street Journal this week, a piece for their October 1 issue for a story about how the market is affecting divorce arrangements.

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Another Illustrator doodle that developed into a character study. Yves is a delicate boy with a cauliflower ear and perpetual tears and nasal drips. Happy, sickly, sad; but mostly happy really, with a naive unsuspecting manner.

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John John

This is our Border Collie, John John. He’s crazy about tennis balls!

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Angry bear

Here’s another Illustrator doodle, beginning with circles and triangles, no plan but quickly developed into a bear. This one has a more finished look than the previous doodle, and is mostly made up of transparent gradients with a bitmap texture. No set rules for this one other then left/right symmetry. Below are the path outlines.

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