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Guitar man

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Cyclestache print 3

Above is the final Cyclestache illustration. The background bicycles looked like they were going to be too busy so I changed the pattern to wheels with curls of hair suggesting wings, flying wheels. The first session in the print studio went well. I printed the yellow background and the pink skin color. The next session [...]

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Cyclestache print 2

Above is the cycle-stache illustration with the completed wheel/mustache. Still need to finish the background bicycles, floating wheels for now. May add some additional line work here and there. Didn’t get to print this week but hopefully can get the first two colors printed this weekend, then finish up on Monday.

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So I’ve worked through my cycling angst and have moved on to a new friendlier illustration for the Local/Euro exhibit. Here is the process so far, still some things to resolve like the mustache, the background, and some additional line work here and there. But I’m hoping to begin printing this tomorrow. The idea for [...]

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Poirot doodle

I made this for my sketchbook exchange with a friend of mine, started out as a drawing of David Suchet as Poirot, using a Nikko G-pen nib and brown ink, then became overrun with some doodling using  Dr. Martin’s True Blue dye.

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Doodle with collage

This is a doodle with collage from one of my sketch exchange books, random drawings around this tree, also incorporated some collage using Eric Carle’s technique. The pink is ink that had bled through from the previous page.

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