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Day 2 in the Printshop, successful print session but I’m not satisfied with the color, too dark overall. The scale of the texture feels a bit big to me as well so I may reprint this smaller or redesign the image with a smaller scaled texture, or it could just be the color contrast. I [...]

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Today, I was in the Printshop beginning work on the cycling print, with little progress. It’s been a couple of years since my last screen printing project so it took some guidance and help from my friend Shannon Brady and a little time to reacquaint myself with the process. Above is the final Photoshop image. [...]

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Cycling Print

I’m trying out Kickstarter to fund an art print project I’ll be working on this summer. Project backers will get a signed edition of the final print and, with a larger pledge, will get their name embedded within the art work, ala Hirschfeld’s “Nina.” This summer, I am entering the print studio again for a [...]

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