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King Johnny Dark Shadows drawing

I’ve been obsessed with Dark Shadows lately, the original TV soap opera. This is a drawing of King Johnny from episode 827. King Johnny was a gypsy who came to Collinsport to reclaim the hand of Count Petofi, stolen by Magda¬†to cure Quentin of his werewolf curse. In this episode, King Johnny holds a gypsy [...]

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Danger Man drawing

This drawing is from the Danger Man episode, “The Contessa” (1961). This is the actor John Wyse as the character Julio. I’ve embellished some details here and there, glasses, background, lettering. This is the moment in the show when Julio and Francesca (played by Hazel Court) debate whether they should trust John Drake (played by [...]

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Even though we stream Netflix for most of our movie watching, I joined our local movie store, Filmzilla, mostly because they had The Streets of San Francisco on DVD, one of my favorite 70′s cop shows, and of course to support our neighborhood businesses. Plus sometimes it’s nice to just physically wander through a store [...]

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Peter Lawford

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Emma Peel sketch

Here is a sketch of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel from the Original British TV series, The Avengers, circa 1965. This was her first season on the show, replacing Honore Blackman. This is a study sketch for an image I’m working on, looking more at the head shape and hair rather than the facial features.

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