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How doctors die illo

I made this illo for D Magazine for an article about how doctors choose to die.

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Ink and vector doodles

Out for a walk, backyard sketching, and some mountains.

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Conversation illustration

This is an illustration I did for an essay by Jeff Chu, author of Does Jesus Love Me? A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America. The essay was about the author’s visit to his family after coming out as gay, his boyfriend texting him the words, “Be humble” as he was about [...]

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Tablet doorway illustration

This is an illustration I did last month for a story about education and technology. The client wanted to show a teacher and a student walking into a tablet as if it was a doorway. For some reason, I thought laptop rather than tablet, so I sent initial rough ideas showing a laptop as a [...]

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Inflammation technique & process

This image was commissioned for a magazine article about inflammation. The idea for the piece was a pattern of abstracted cell shapes surrounding a helpless floating figure that also contained some of these cell shapes. I sketched out a couple of options for the client to choose from. The first was a hand rather than [...]

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Happy Monster 007

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