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Happy Monster 005

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Angry bear

Here’s another Illustrator doodle, beginning with circles and triangles, no plan but quickly developed into a bear. This one has a more finished look than the previous doodle, and is mostly made up of transparent gradients with a bitmap texture. No set rules for this one other then left/right symmetry. Below are the path outlines.

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Bomber illos

I recently did a series of illustrations for Northeastern University for an alumni magazine feature story about bomb sensing technology. For the main piece, a portrait of a bomber, I wanted the bomber to be anonymous so I cropped the image below his eyes. But when I finished it, I thought it would be fun [...]

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Fire-breathing dragon

I cut this dragon out of paper a couple of years ago to show my daughter how to use brads to make a little movable puppet. It’s been hanging out on my shelf since then and I decided to scan it and make an image out of it. This is an image for my Veer [...]

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