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Barnabas Collins is destroyed, or is he? A mysterious stranger appears claiming to be a victim of Barnabas Collins. But he is identical in appearance to Barnabas! Is this stranger really Barnabas crafting an unbelievable tale? Quentin and Edward Collins are suspicious and drag him to the cave to check Barnabas’s coffin. If the coffin [...]

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Ink and vector doodles

Out for a walk, backyard sketching, and some mountains.

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Today, I was sketching with my students at Nina’s Coffee Cafe, actually spent most of my time grading but got in a quick couple of sketches, one here with some notes from my friend Zak Sally‘s presentation to my other class. In addition, a couple of sketches from September, sketchbook catching-up day. The top sketch [...]

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Financial services illo

I made this image last week for an FISVoice newsletter article about financial advisors dealing with stressed-out clients. The big hand represents the advisor and has arrived just after its client has jumped up and clung to the chandelier. The client is welcoming this helping hand by placing his hand in it and mimicking its [...]

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Final couch illustration

Here is the final couch illustration, previous post is here showing the sketch with collage. The client liked the idea of no background so I went with just the line work and flower pattern. For the final, I re-sketched some parts and thinned out the dress shape a bit. Also added color to the line [...]

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Sunday sketches

These are from the previous two Sundays.

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