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  Sprick is a term from my school days, junior high. Using your thumb, you held back your finger, tensing it up, and then, when you loosened your thumb, your finger snapped out at its target, the earlobe of the person sitting in front of you for example, causing sharp pain. I was usually on the [...]

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New England TB Symposium illustration

I made this illustration for the New England TB Symposium. It was used for their program and posters as well as mugs and bags. Initially, I drew a pattern of abstract shapes, but the client wanted me to show the drugs used to treat TB. The final sketch fused the cabinet with the head and [...]

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Skillshare: Generative art 4

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Skillshare: Generative Art 3

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GOOD – digital hand lettering

The word GOOD made from a grid with some offset units.

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Danger Man drawing

This drawing is from the Danger Man episode, “The Contessa” (1961). This is the actor John Wyse as the character Julio. I’ve embellished some details here and there, glasses, background, lettering. This is the moment in the show when Julio and Francesca (played by Hazel Court) debate whether they should trust John Drake (played by [...]

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