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Poirot doodle

I made this for my sketchbook exchange with a friend of mine, started out as a drawing of David Suchet as Poirot, using a Nikko G-pen nib and brown ink, then became overrun with some doodling using  Dr. Martin’s True Blue dye.

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Drawn with a Niji Water Brush Pen filled with brown Dr. Martin’s Dye.

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Dell-user with frog eggs

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Spatula kite

This began as a doodle with Nikko G-pen nibs and red ink, added gouache for the light blue areas.

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A drawing of my shoe at church on Palm Sunday, with frog eggs.

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Doodle with collage

This is a doodle with collage from one of my sketch exchange books, random drawings around this tree, also incorporated some collage using Eric Carle’s technique. The pink is ink that had bled through from the previous page.

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