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The Ape Fell

This is a personal piece about a man called The Ape, kind of a pulp noir, fall from grace type of narrative, a story about failure and resurrection. “Cursed are you among all.” A tragic villain.

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I did a quick assignment for the Wall Street Journal this week, a piece for their October 1 issue for a story about how the market is affecting divorce arrangements.

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Sketchbook exchange

I’m exchanging sketchbooks with a few artists this year. This image is the first page of the book I’m exchanging with Aaron DeYoe, made with a brush pen, colorized in Photoshop.

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Archives: Utne Reader 1992

This is an illustration I did for the Utne Reader in 1992, just before or as I was going digital. This was for a story about oil fields and Indian reservations, if I remember correctly. This image was done using watercolor and ink. I lightly penciled the drawing onto watercolor paper and then inked it, [...]

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I did this image a few weeks ago for a story about genetic markers and second-hand smoke. I first sketched out a tattoo cloud on the figure’s chest. The client asked for more clouds to suggest a larger number of genetic markers (below: sketch with alternate sketches).

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